Les Moulins La Fayette


The Perfect Dessert

Delicious and sophisticated, there is nothing better than the pastries from Les Moulins La Fayette to end a festive meal or to satisfy your sugar cravings! We have a wide variety of classics French pastries and original creations crafted by our passionate artisans eager to delight the finest palates!

Passion and Know-How

Our pastry chefs are using traditional methods and their creativity to craft appetizing pastries with a rich and sweet taste. Our cakes and pastries are handmade with first-quality ingredients. Our carefully chosen ingredients and the design of each dessert reflect our desire to offer our customers the best. Authenticity is our watchword.

Rediscover the Classics

Obviously, the classic French pastries are always the stars at Les Moulins La Fayette. We invite you to discover or to rediscover iconic French pastries such as chocolate éclairs, mille-feuilles, Paris-Brest, Saint-Honoré, macarons, babas au rhum, and several other traditional products. The flavours, the textures, the final touch…you can see and taste our artisans’ expertise in every detail…in every bite!

Always Delicious !

Whether it is for a birthday, a dinner with friends, a date or only to make yourself happy, every reason is good to treat yourself with a pie, a cake or a pastry from Les Moulins La Fayette. All those sweet pastries are always available in regular size or in individual size. There is no excuse to deny yourself this pleasure. A guaranteed success!



A rich and moist taste in each bite.


Single Serving Pastries

Perfect for one !



Always so comforting


Individual Pie

A sweet pleasure for your buds.