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Les Moulins La Fayette are a reference in Quebec, to discover the tasty pleasures from bakeries, pastries and multiple other delights.Every healthy food lover, even the sweet/salty food passionates, will be have a whide range of products offered in a distribution network involving 16 stores in Quebec.

The bakery and pastry departments will arouse all your senses from the delicious aroma to the pleasure of tasting the fresh products right out of the oven. Our other delights will also please you wether it is our viennoiseries, biscuits, chocolates and sandwiches.

The La Fayette products are a pledge of quality and any occasion is good to enjoy them. Besides, for those preparing a celebration, a birthday, meeting or a special evening, we offer a personalised catering service. It will be our pleasure to put our skill at work for you.

Inspired by a French emigrant in Canada, in 1989, Les Moulins La Fayette are the achievement of the original idea of M. Johnny Jeulin, in 1994. A 5th generation baker, pastry cook, chocolate maker, he is now offering all of Quebec his skills and expertise. A member of the Association des pâtissiers du Québec, Mr. Jeulin knows how to convince even the most picky ones, by blending French and Quebec culture together.

From the begining, Les Moulins La Fayette have drawn attention by the high quality of their products and the courteous service. The warm and pleasant atmosphere, the original decor, traditional and artisanal methods, and also for choosing the ingredients with care, rapidly contributed to their succes.

Our mission: Quality

Chez Les Moulins La Fayette, notre mission est la qualité. Nous vous assurons une grande qualité autant dans le service à la clientèle offert que dans nos produits.

As a matter of fact, our customer service is personalised and our recipes are always made with great care, by professionals, with high quality ingredients and ancestral methods. The result is the exceptional flavour in every products. Furthermore, you are garantied healty balanced food when you eat in your Moulin. Eating well has never been so good!