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Café La Fayette

High quality coffee

A delicious coffee is appreciated any time of day. That is the reason we are committed to always serve you a tasteful coffee made with high quality beans.

If you’re a little tired, you want to take a brake and chat with friends, or just indulge yourself with a good coffe; we have what you need ! Espresso, Cappuccino, latte, flavoured or simply the regular coffee; just ask for it.

Come by and have the coffee you like in the size you want at you closest Moulin.

Sandwich La Fayette

Decadent Sandwiches !

For real good sandwiches, we have very creative ideas ! Nothing compares to our choice of fresh ingredients and our home made bread.

Made fresh everyday with a variety of quality ingredients, each of our sandwiches is more delicious than the other. With a salad as a sidedish and a succulent home made dessert, you get a perfectly balanced meal.

Pass by, and treat yourself with your favorite sandwich !

Légumes La Fayette

Original and fresh salads

At Les Moulins La Fayette we know that a balanced meal as to be colorful. Thus, the red of the tomatoe, the green of the lettuce or the carrot orange are some of the colours we integrate in the creation of our salads.

As a side dish or a main dish, our salads will charm you by the large choice we offer and the always fresh and high quality ingredients we use. One taste and you’ll be convinced that a salad is much more than just lettuce leafs and a bit of oil, you’ll see that our salads have as much flavour as they have colors !


Our 100 % natural smoothies will bring a breath of fresh air and a blast of flavours for the coming summer period !

Because quality is Les Moulins La Fayette’s ongoing concern, we use only natural ingredients of the highest quality to create our smoothies. A healthy choice of snack that you can have at all times. Go ahead ! Treat yourself with one of our naturally refreshing smoothies.