Les Moulins La Fayette

Fine Bakery

The Finest Gourmet Pleasures

Delicious croissants made with real butter, moist brioches, flaky chocolate croissants….Crafted by our artisan bakers, the viennoiseries from Les Moulins La Fayette have an exquisite taste that shows all the richness and the artisan know-how. Baked each morning in your Les Moulins La Fayette store, it‘s impossible to resist!

A Carefully Perfected Art

Making viennoiseries that are as appetizing as they are tasty is an art that our artisans master and never stop perfecting. We are using techniques similar to traditional methods. We carefully choose our ingredients, such as first quality butter, to craft the best croissants, puff pastries and danishes. The result is a perfectly golden, tasty and flaky viennoiseries. A delicious treat for breakfast or a sweet snack!

Start Your Day Right!

Perfectly moist, our delicious muffins will delight your buds. In our Moulins, the great classics share the spotlight with the flavours of the day, following the inspiration of our artisans and the season. A nourishing and tasteful muffin served with a superior quality coffee, what else do you need to start your day right?

Take Out

While you are visiting Les Moulins La Fayette, try our delicious shortbread cookies, our date squares, our cereal bars, and our brownies. You can also buy raw butter croissants and chocolate croissants and bake them yourself! A wonderful option for your improvised brunches!

Viennoiseries Platters

We can prepare a delicious viennoiseries platter for your business meeting, conferences and other gatherings. Your guests will be delighted with our handmade and unique viennoiseries from Les Moulins La Fayette. Our high-quality products will undoubtedly please the finest palates. Contact your nearest Le Moulins to learn more about our viennoiseries platters.



A breakfast must-have.



Our viennoiseries are prepared with specially selected butter.



Different flavours are available depending on the season.



Expect amazing gourmet discoveries!