This year, let’s celebrate the month of love together! Our chefs are proposing you an inviting selection of gourmet pleasures that will make your heart, or your loved ones, melt!

Mendiants, Hazelnut Heart and Chocolate Milk Lollipop

Are you more on the crispy or melty sides? You will fall for our mendiants garnish with a mix of caramelized nuts, pistachios, raisins and candied orange peel. Available on a dark chocolate base or ruby chocolate, wich one will tempt you? May be you will succumb for our hazelnuts hearts coated with dark chocolate and a melting and smooth filling?

Pecans and Raisins Loaf and Double Sesame Heart shaped Baguette

Our pecans and raisins loaf is perfect for pouring some delicious cheese fondue. Hard to resist!


Raspberries Temptation

Our Rasberries Temptation cake is a pure delight that will end your dinner on a fresh note! Made of raspberry mousse, raspberry jam middle, dark chocolate ganache and vanilla genoise, show your feelings by offering this treat to your loved ones!

Heart shaped Cinnamon Danish and Red Velvet Cookie

Start the day with a declaration of love with our delightful heart shaped cinnamon danish! Our red velvet cookies are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside garnish with white chocolate chips, ideal to go with a coffee or tea.

Don’t wait any longer, our Valentine’s Day delights are offered only for a limited time. Contact your nearest Moulin or visit our online store to place an order!