Our stores offer a unique ambiance to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee. We offer filtered coffee, assorted lattes, teas and more. Our fine coffee is procured from AGGA Coffee, who share the same values as Les Moulins La Fayette. Their organic fair trade coffee beans showcase distinct savory flavors that are rich and bold. An excellent pairing with any of our desserts or pastries.  


Why choose Agga coffee? Agga coffee meticulously roasts their beans to bring the highest quality coffee to the table. Unlike other coffee manufacturers, they roast their beans using the heat from hot volcanic stones. This process takes 20-28 minutes, which is two to three times longer than the standard process. With this added time, the coffee beans are better able to retain their natural flavors, which sets AGGA coffee apart from the rest of the market.  Furthermore, the coffee served is healthier, less toxic and contains less caffeine (which is better for you).  AGGA Coffee imports from 47 different countries to support global coffee producers. The espresso blend at Les Moulin La Fayette is made with carefully selected beans from around the world to create the bold flavors you know and love. Stop by any of our stores and our team will be happy to serve you a cup. Find the store nearest to you here.