A summer under the sign of abundance and freshness is coming at Les Moulins La Fayette. In the coming weeks, you will discover a multitude of novelties as well as our unbeatable summer classics!

By popular demand, our Fruit Saint-Honoré is back for the summer! Same delicious composition with a mix of fruits, raspberries and puff dough filled with raspberry jam and glazed with Ruby chocolate mirror! Everything you need to please the whole family!

Finally, our raspberry macarons are back! Its crunchy shell, light vanilla cream and fresh raspberries are perfect to end a summer meal!


Our strawberry and pistachio éclair is so light that you will eat it in one bite! The smoothness of the pistachio cream in our strawberry pistachio eclair is stunning! Paired with strawberries, you will be in paradise! You were waiting for it, here it is! Our napoleon half custard, half Chantilly cream is delicious with berries on top!

On the bakery side, we have a new organic bread to present you! An organic spelt flour loaf with chia seeds. Perfect for breakfast and very healthy!

It is hard to resist to our cheddar, bacon and onion fougasse! Hurry and tear up a piece before it’s all gone! Generously garnished with bacon, cheddar and caramelized onions, our fougasse will enhance picnics and aperitifs!

Another new summer bread! A soft focaccia with herbs de Provence sprinkled with fleur de sel. Delicious in sandwiches or as is!


One bite of our tropical danish and you will be in the Caribbean! Garnish with a pineapple puree and coconut, you will never have seen such an elegant viennoiserie!

Pistachio lovers, you will love our new viennoiserie! A filling of almond paste with pistachio and dark chocolate chips is hidden for your greatest pleasure!

Because summer goes by too quickly, be sure to get your hands on our delicious new products before they disappear! Find them in your nearest Les Moulins La Fayette boutique.

Have a nice gourmet summer!