The Galette Des Rois or King Cake originated in France and is a tradition that has crossed religious boundaries. From Europe to North America to Latin America, millions of people celebrate “The Feast of the Kings” or the “3 Kings Day” with a variety of traditions and at times, differing contexts for celebrations.

Galettes des rois

One of the more popular traditions includes a small bean, figurine or crown baked inside of the King Cake. The cake is cut into pieces and the person who gets the piece of cake with the ornament becomes the “king” or “queen” for the day. Although there has been a decline of the Catholic Church in many parts of the world, it still remains a beloved holiday representing an opportunity to share a meal with loved ones and bring an end to holiday celebrations. 

Galette des rois

Our King Cake is made of pastry dough, almond cream, ground almonds and is offered in three sizes for your enjoyment. We have a limited supply of these light and sweet cakes available so order yours now!

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Happy Feasting!