You loved them last summer. And since nothing makes us happier at Les Moulins La Fayette than pleasing our customers, we’ve brought back our wonderful summer treats for you to enjoy once again: our sublime pistachio and strawberry éclairs and our incomparable raspberry-vanilla macaroons.


Like all our creations, our pistachio and strawberry éclairs are made with love, using only the highest-quality ingredients. That’s what makes them a treat for the eyes, as well as the taste-buds.


Meanwhile, our raspberry-vanilla macaroons are like fine jewels to behold. Nothing can match their presentation, except their delicious explosion of flavours. You even have the choice between an individual macaroon or the larger size for six people to share.


Creamy and crispy, with summer in every bite! Just like the season, our summer treats won’t last forever! Visit a Moulins near you to enjoy a great coffee, and take home one of our breads, pastries, cooked meals or other delicious products.