Celebrate maple time with our maple sweets. You will find our classics and some delightful new creations!

With our plentiful selection of maple desserts, you won’t have any choice than taste them all! Fortunately, individual portion exists!

Our Maple Sweetness cake is finally back, a classic at Les Moulins La Fayette. Composed of a sumptuous maple mousse, garnish with a maple gelly, pecans and an almond biscuit, the Maple Sweetness will please you!

Surprise! The Maple Chouchou hide a sweet surprise! Under the generous Chantilly cream is hidden a little puff garnished with maple caramel.

The Maple Napoleon, a new creation to discover as soon as possible! Flaky and creamy, this millefeuille marries wonderfully the rich taste of 100% butter pastry dough and the fineness of maple.

For breakfast, please your family with our sugar season sweetness. Our maple bread is perfect for French toast and our maple muffins are absolutely delicious! Not to mention our maple delight, a novelty fresh out of the oven!

Still on the theme of sugar season, you will find macarons, cookies, shortbreads, popcorn, chocolates. Our maple range can be tasted in so many inspiring forms!

Hurry up! Like spring, maple time last for a limited time! Visit the nearest Les Moulins La Fayette to enjoy this season!