Apple is in the spotlight at Les Moulins La Fayette! At the heart of several gourmet creations, you will be able to taste it in all its forms. Pies, pastries, muffins, strudels, and even more!

Butter and puff pastry lovers will not be outdone with our apple viennoiseries! Our apple well will charm fans of apple crisp with its tender apple filling and crispy oat topping.

Our classic apple & cinnamon muffin are back with a little something extra! Thanks to the crispy oat topping, you will rediscover this delight that perfectly combines the soft crumb of a muffin and its crispy top!

Light, delicate and surprising, this is how we would describe the Apple madness dessert! Composed of an almond base garnished with diced apples, an apple palet and apple mousse, you will fall under its spell!

On the bakery side, our revisited apple & raisin bread will please you! Its soft crumb is simply incredible!

Visit your Moulins La Fayette to discover our tasty new product as well as our unbeatable apple classics!