The frenzy of the holidays is palpable and our Les Moulins La Fayette boutiques are in festive mode! Gorgeous delicacies have appeared in our counters, offering you an array of flavours for the holiday season. Tasting our logs is travelling through the sweetness of caramel and chocolate, the subtlety of hazelnuts and chestnuts, and the freshness of raspberries and cheese. On the bakery side, wonderful artisan breads in festive shapes will get you into the holiday spirit!

This unbeatable log brings together fans of caramel and chocolate! It is composed of a hazelnut biscuit, a salted caramel, a milk chocolate and caramel mousse and a choco almond coating.

Its flamboyant decor will please children, young and old! Its light mousse makes it the ideal dessert to finish a hearty meal on a chocolate note.

The hazelnut succès log is a real treat! Its hazelnut mousse is smooth and creamy while its succès biscuit brings texture on the palate!

Find the finesse of chestnut in our Mont blanc log. You will find a sweet dough and a meringue surrounded by a rich and creamy chestnuts mousse.

Raspberry lovers will be pleased with our new raspberry log! Between the layers of joconde biscuit, you will find a chocolate ganache, a raspberry palet and finally, a creamy raspberry mousse.

If you are looking for freshness and lightness after a copious meal, our berry & cheese log is perfect! The cheese mousse is just sweet enough and very airy with its praline biscrunch and its blend of berries.

On the bakery side, embellish your table by offering your guests an original and gourmet centrepiece! Our artisan breads in festive shapes will get you into the holiday mood.

For your late afternoon snacks, we offer several treats to share with friends and family after a day outside. Fruit cake, stollen, shortbread, chocolate bars, all these products go wonderfully with a coffee!

Contact your Les Moulins La Fayette store to place a reservation and discover our festive selection. Happy Holidays!