This year Les Moulins La Fayette has selected five gorgeous products to feature for Mother’s Day. What better way to tell your mom you care than by offering her a special treat.  We even have options for the whole family!

Our desserts are as tasty as they are stunning. The Lemon Hazelnut Heart with candied lemon is covered with dark chocolate and a white chocolate decor. The Salted Caramel Melting Heart Bar is also made of dark chocolate but contains a melting salted caramel. 

Coeur noisettine au citron Tablette centre fondant caramel salé

We highly recommend our Fruit St-Honoré for any gathering. This cake serves 6 people. It’s a reinvented St-Honoré with a mix of fruits, raspberries and puff dough filled with raspberry jam and glazed with Ruby chocolate mirror.


For mothers that enjoy savoury treats, we have both Sesame Daisy Bread and Poppy Seed Daisy Bread. These are daisy shaped french baguettes garnished with sesame and poppy seeds.

Pain marguerite Sesame Pain marguerite au pavot

To enjoy these treats and many more visit your local Les Moulins La Fayette.