Fresh from the oven, our pies will satisfy your sweet tooth with a freshness and sweet note.

Foodies will be charmed by our great variety each one more delicious than the other!

Fruity, tangy, sweet, we have the perfect pie for your taste! And what about the perfectly golden and crunchy crust? An incredible marriage with the creamy garnish!

The red berries pie and the raspberry/apple pie will please fruity and fresh dessert lovers. The red berries pie is filled with a lovely clafoutis topped with raspberries, blackberries and cranberries. For the raspberry/apple pie, our pastry chefs place Cortland apples on a smooth mix of applesauce and raspberry jam. A pure delight!

Our pear/almond and blackberry/almond pies are now a classic at Les Moulins La Fayette. Made with a generous almond cream and fruits, our customers keep asking for them!

Classic dessert fans will love our sugar pies. We have choice for every taste, whether it’s sugar pie, pecans and sugar or apples and sugar! Traditional pies as if it was Grandma who baked them!

Find all our variety in your favourite Les Moulins La Fayette store!