This fall, celebrate the arrival of apple season with Les Moulins La Fayette’s specialty apple delights! 

Our Sweet Potato and Green Apple Soup is perfect for any fall family dinner. The unique mix of flavors work together perfectly. 

Indulge in our delectable Apple Well. Bite into its gooey interior made from freshly diced apples, oatmeal and homemade applesauce. Enjoy! 

Puits aux pommes
Need a cake for this upcoming apple season? Our Apple Madness will do the trick! This featured dessert is made with almond cream biscuits, diced apples, apple mousse and an apple palet. It is safe to say that your guests will enjoy it. 

Folie à la pomme

Paired with your favorite warm beverage, two slices of our Apple Bread will complement your daily morning routine!

Pain aux pommes

Another breakfast contender is our Apple and Cinnamon Muffin. The woody cinnamon combined with diced fresh apples makes them unique and full of flavor!

Muffin aux pommes
Swing by your nearest Les Moulins La Fayette boutique to get your hands on our wide selection of apple-themed products!